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Our Team 

Executive Director 

Cathy Files 

Cathy is a SIDS parent and has years of experience in helping with bereavement support. She also works to educate families and the public on SIDS/SUID risk reduction & how to have a Safe Sleep Environment.

Program Director 

Susan Gore

Susan coordinates the programs and events that provide education and support to families in MS. She has a passion for our mission and has been  part of this organization for over a decade.

Board of Directors

Our capable board offers us support and guidance in all of our endeavors. 


Scott Parrish - President 

Brian Roach - Vice President

Ted Tidwell - Treasurer 

Wendy Shelton - Legal Advisor 


Jeff Files

Dr. David M. Temple

Samantha Kalahar
Patrick Grissom

PHONE 601.957.7437 
MAIL P.O. BOX 2170 
Madison, MS 39130


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