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When You're Grieving: 

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)

- A Loving Goodbye Series:  Taking Care of Yourself Plus Facts About Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.  Oklahoma SIDS Alliance.

- Coping with Grief After the Death of a Baby From Sudden Infant Death Syndrome:  What Every Child-Care Provider Should Know.  C.A. Corr, ed.

- Crib Death–SIDS.  Oklahoma Department of Health

- SIDS & Multiples.  Center for Loss in Multiple Birth

- SIDS Public Education Speaker’s Training Kit. Mississippi SIDS Coalition

- SIDS:  A Response to Parents Whose Baby Has Died.  Sids Resources, Inc.

- Standards for Public Health Nurses.  California SIDS Program

- Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Information for Clergy.  Northeastern Ohio SIDS Foundation

- Sudden Infant Death Syndrome:  For Grandparents…. A ‘Double Grief’.  Greater Pittsburgh National SIDS - - -- Foundations/Pennsylvania SIDS Alliance  (Copyright: Pennsylvania SIDS Alliance.  Reprinted and distributed with permission by California SIDS Program.)

- The SIDS Survival Guide: Information and Comfort for Grieving Family and Friends and Professionals Who Seek to Help Them. (2nd Edition).  J.N. Horchler and R.R. Morris (SIDS Educational Services, Inc.)

- What Can I Do?  Helping a Family Whose Baby Has Died From Sudden Infant Death Syndrome:  Suggestions for Friends, Relatives and Co-Workers.  SIDS Resources, Inc.

- What Every Child-Care Provider Should Know About Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.  C.A. Corr, ed.

For Fathers 

- Fathers Grieve Too.  Rev. Terry Morgan, Chaplain James Cunningham, Ray Goldstein, and Earl Katz.


- Healing a Father’s Grief.  William H. Schatz


- Helping Men in Grief.  A.D. Wolfelt


- Men and Grief.  Bereavement Services, RTS.


- Strong and Tender:  A Guide for the Father Whose Baby Has Died.  Pat Schweibert, R.N.

For Couples 

- For Better……Or Worse:  A Handbook for Couples Whose Child Has Died.  Maribeth Wilder Doerr.

- Grieving as a Couple.  M. McNurlen. (MN Sudden Infant Death Center)


- Healing Together:  For Couples Grieving the Death of Their Baby.  M. Lister and S. Lovell.

Want to Know More? 

CJ Foundation for SIDS 

The CJ Foundation is a national charitable organization dedicated to recognizing the special needs of the SIDS community through funding of research, support services, and public awareness programs. 

Consumer Product Safety Commission 

To find out more about safety approved cribs and baby furnishings. 

First Candle 

First ​Candle exists to promote infant health and survival during the prenatal period through two years of age. 

National Institute of Child Health and Human Development 

For more information on sleep position for babies and reducing the risk of SIDS. 

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